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Choices’ skilled team of Artisan and Red Seal bakers work tirelessly every day to bake delicious organic breads and treats for you. At our bakery in South Burnaby, they’re up with the sun to create a wide range of fresh and delicious breads from scratch. Beyond the typical sandwich loaf and baguette, our bakers also make exotic artisan breads that are utterly delicious and unique to Choices.

If you’re looking for something elegant for after a dinner party, or maybe just a scrumptious treat, our bakeries also make dozens of sweet treats and pastries. Fluffy cakes, chocolatey cookies and adorable cupcakes are freshly made just to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re looking for something a little healthier, we also make our own granola and muffins.

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Little Northern Bakehouse

It goes without saying that baked goods should taste good. But we’re going to say it again, and add that we think baked goods should also make you feel good. That’s why we use only the best Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients to bake our Certified gluten-free foods.

Wendel's True Foods

We are passionate in creating 100% gluten free delicious baked goods. We use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and take great care and attention in each item we create, resulting in great tasting artisan baking with wholesome and simple ingredients everyone will enjoy.

Portofino Bakery

We believe you deserve better bread, period. Our artisan quality loaves, buns and treats stay naturally fresh for longer and make every meal something to look forward to. We are the Real Deal Bakery. We are relentless in our pursuit of baking premium products. Products that are sustainable and that everyone in our communities can find and enjoy.

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

Silver Hills Bakery sprouts the whole grains we use in our sprouted breads, buns, bagels and tortillas to help you get more of the nutrition that’s already there. Sprouted whole grains give you more, better-for-you nutrition that’s easier to digest, and gives you steady energy to fuel your full life.


Glutenull is a family business and a community of like-minded people, run by the Golden Rule of ‘What you do not wish upon yourself, extend not to others’. Our products contain the finest Non-GMO ingredients and what we sell to our customers, is also on the kitchen table of our families and friends.

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Hungry for knowledge? Sign up for a fun and informative Store Nutrition Tour at your local Choices location. Hosted by a member of the Choices Nutrition Team, you will learn how to choose healthy and delicious foods no matter what your unique dietary needs are.

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