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Stagg - Chili Classique, 425 Gram, $4.79

Loaded with juicy beef, ripe red tomatoes, select red kidney and pink beans, chopped onions and the perfect spices and seasonings. Enjoy a legendary taste experience.

Stagg - Chili Classique, 425 Gram
Stagg - Chili Classique, 425 GramOpen product description

Stagg - Chili Dynamite Hot, 425 Gram, $4.79

Explosive Habaneros, the worlds hottest chilies & fiery Chile de Arbol peppers ignited braised beef, red tomatoes & chopped onions to make this variety great for folks who like their chili with a burn

Stagg - Chili Dynamite Hot, 425 Gram
Stagg - Chili Dynamite Hot, 425 GramOpen product description