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Honeydew - Melon, Organic, 1.48 Kilogram, $8.09 avg/ea

Bursting with floral sweetness and juices that taste like honey. Cut in bite size chunks for a salad or a quick snack.

Honeydew - Melon, Organic, 1.48 Kilogram
Honeydew - Melon, Organic, 1.48 KilogramOpen product description
Final cost based on weight
$8.09 avg/ea$0.55/100g

Watermelon - Mini Whole, Seedless, 1 Each, $3.98

Mini watermelons range in size but are generally similar to a large cantaloupe. A sweet, refreshing snack due to their watery texture

Watermelon - Mini Whole, Seedless, 1 Each
Extra Savings
Watermelon - Mini Whole, Seedless, 1 EachOpen product description
$3.98 was $6.98

Watermelon - Seedless, Whole, 1 Each, $11.98

USA or Mexico. Average Weight of each Watermelon May Vary 5-7kg's. Watermelons are all sweet and juicy with a crisp flesh and watery texture.

Watermelon - Seedless, Whole, 1 Each
Watermelon - Seedless, Whole, 1 EachOpen product description

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