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Grapefruit - Red, Fresh, 1 Each, $2.98

This citrus is known for its large sour to semi-sweet, sometimes bitter fruit. It's low in calories, helps your immune system, powerful in antioxidants, a great source in vitamin C & more!

Grapefruit - Red, Fresh, 1 Each
Grapefruit - Red, Fresh, 1 EachOpen product description

Grapefruit - Red, Small, 1 Each, $1.98

Like all varieties of grapefruit, the ruby red contains plenty of the antioxidant-rich vitamins C and A as well as dietary fiber.

Grapefruit - Red, Small, 1 Each
Grapefruit - Red, Small, 1 EachOpen product description

Organic - Small Grapefruit, 1 Each, $2.98

Organic - Small Grapefruit, 1 Each
Organic - Small Grapefruit, 1 EachOpen product description
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