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Our goal in Choices' Grocery Department is to bring you the latest natural and organic products available. We work hard to support local BC producers whenever possible and give preference to Canadian products over imported goods. We’ve been carrying organic, gluten-free, vegan friendly and many other food options long before they emerged as food trends. It’s why we call ourselves Choices.

We are always looking for new innovative items. If you have found a product that you think we should carry, please contact us.

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The dairy-free yogurt of your dreams. Alt yogurt and an alt-company with a positive impact. With every cup, we are striving to change the foodscape to drive conscious consumption, promote delicious alt products and compassionate environmental stewardship.

Spread 'Em

No fillers, no starches to stretch the product further. Our commitment to quality yields a premium product and yes, you can really taste the difference. Our products are intentionally and carefully crafted with whole-food, minimally processed ingredients in mind.

GT's Kombucha

Our living foods are authentically fueled by organic plants, raw fermentation,​ naturally occurring probiotics, and ancient wisdom. ​All our living products offer you the opportunity for a new, daily ritual​ to live a healthier, happier life.

Kettle Chips

WE’VE BEEN EXTRA SINCE THE START. That’s because our founder believed whole-heartedly in going the extra mile to bring delicious, authentic  foods out into the world. His vision first came to life in 1978 when he took to the road to sell simple, high quality foods out of the back of his van. It was a bold move. And it’s the very reason we’ve spent the last 40 plus years doing our best to be just as bold.

Nature's Path

All of our cereal recipes are carefully crafted with only certified organic and Non-GMO ingredients, so that mindful eaters can enjoy a deliciously nutritious breakfast, with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Maple Hill Farms

Committed to ethical farming practices, all their eggs are free range, and their cherished, outdoor-roaming hens are fed a premium vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. Their happy hens lay exceptional eggs, transported directly to stores to be enjoyed by those who appreciate ‘a good egg’ with moral standards.

Avalon Dairy

Happy cows. Yummy milk. Our Partner Farm's cows enjoy the Country Club treatment. Which isn’t hard when you’ve got fresh air, pure water, and, well, idyllic country conditions. With small-scale farming and holistic animal husbandry policies, we’ve taken factory farming out of the equation.

49th Parallell

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, 49th Parallel endeavours to sustainably source and craft exceptional coffee. We are a technologically advanced roastery with a science forward approach to the craft.

Very Good Butchers

We’re on a mission to show that making good choices doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour. We want to make plant-based eating as approachable, nutritious and delicious as possible by creating food that’s Very Good for people, animals and the planet (while having a little fun along the way).

Earth's Own

We’re putting our stake in the ground because we believe in the power of eating plants to change the world. We can’t sustain our eating habits as they are today, so that’s why plants are at the core of everything we make. At Earth’s Own we are 100% plant-based, totally Canadian and make zero compromises when it comes to taste!

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Hungry for knowledge? Sign up for a fun and informative Store Nutrition Tour at your local Choices location. Hosted by a member of the Choices Nutrition Team, you will learn how to choose healthy and delicious foods no matter what your unique dietary needs are.

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