Choices - Cake Mousse Kalamansi 6 Inch

Choices - Cake Mousse Kalamansi 6 Inch, 500 Gram



Choices Cake


Cake(Sugar,Unbleached Wheat Flour,Egg Whites,
Water,Egg Yolks,Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Tapioca
Starch,Non-Gmo Baking Powder,Salt,Cream Of Tartar,
Vanilla(Sugar,Bean & Extract,Gum Tragacanth)),
Filling(Whip Cream(Cream,Milk,Cellulose Gel/Gum
Carrageenan),Kalamansi Curd(Kalamansi Puree,
Egg Yolks,Sugar,Eggs,Butter(Milk),Sugar)
Product Number: 00227491000009


Choices Cake
Product Number: 00227491000009


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