Kitchen Magic: Boost your Health and Joy with Chef Shirley Garrett


Join Chef Shirley Garrett to learn how to build confidence in the kitchen for better health and nutrition while having fun!

About the Event




LIVE Online Event, recording will be available on Youtube 24 hours after the live event.

Event Summary

Have you ever wanted to feel more confident making creative, delicious home cooked meals from fresh ingredients to improve your long-term health and LOVE doing it? Join Shirley Garrett to learn simple, important meal planning and prep skills that can provide a lifetime of affordable nutrition by cooking most of your meals at home. Shirley will walk you (and family members of all ages!) through a kitchen staple recipe and show you how to turn it into three delicious meals.

Presenter: Shirley Garrett, Health Coach

Shirley Garrett’s 25+ years as a Medical Exercise Specialist/Personal Trainer in addition to being a professionally trained Chef & Nat’l Board certified Health & Wellness Coach gives her a unique “Lifestyle Medicine” perspective from which to Coach & Teach her clients to improve their long-term health by using skills such as Cooking, being active/exercising in ways they enjoy while incorporating a healthy dose of Mindfulness as they set achievable goals in their pursuit of healthcare/selfcare. Shirley has been on faculty since 2015 for CHEF* Coaching program (Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Boston) as well as operating her local fitness Personal Training, Coaching and most recently “Culinary Personal Training” business since 1994.


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